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Based In Ashford Kent, The Oven Maiden is Ashford's female oven cleaner, professionally trained by the team at Dirtbusters she uses the latest equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to restore even the most tired of ovens to their former glories.

The Oven Maiden uses a purpose built, and gas fuelled oven cleaning dip tank, any original removable parts of the oven including the original tray and shelves will be taken to the van and placed in the tank. The Oven Maiden's dip tank will then go about obliterating fat, grease or carbon deposits.

When cleaning the interior of the oven, The Oven Maiden will apply her non-caustic cleaning paste this specialist oven cleaning solution is brutal when it comes to fat and carbon deposits, yet kind to the environment.

The Oven Maiden's cleaning solutions are perfectly safe to use in the presence of children and animals.

For a thorough clean The Oven doors will sometimes be removed enabling the Oven Maiden to split the doors and gain access to the oven window.

Particular attention is paid to the exterior of the oven using another specialist cleaning solution and micro fibre cloth the surface of the oven will be made to shine like never before, often the results are amazing.

The Oven Maiden prides herself on professional service utmost respect will be shown to you oven and property a waterproof tarpaulin is placed on your floor at the start of the process, Oven Cleaning can be a pretty messy business.

Upon booking your oven clean, you will be given a fixed appointment time on the rare occasion that she is running late the oven maiden will phone ahead to inform you.

For a professional oven clean with no nasty chemicals in sight, contact Ashford's female run oven cleaning company a perfectly clean oven awaits.

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